Stretch in your home office

We can spend oh so many hours sitting at a computer! Here are some stretches that I’ve used today to help show my spine some love while I live the office life

🌿Cat-Cow (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana): inhale as you look up expanding your chest and opening your shoulders, exhale as you crouch inwards looking down towards your knees. Knees are below hips, hands below shoulders. Lead with your tail bone for the movement and find your neutral spine to begin. Repeat using the inhale and exhale to lead your movement. 

🌿Cat-Cow variation with elbows on the floor and hands clasped. This can help focus on and open the thoracic spine.

🌿Crocodile (Makarasana) into Cobra (Bhujangasana): start in Crocodile laying on your belly with forehead resting on hands. Relax here and let the tension in your back release. Place hands under shoulders and push forward and up into Cobra, place 70% of your weight on your hands drawing shoulders down. Stretch through the spine and keep elongated. Remember with Cobra it’s better to be closer to the floor with a long smooth spine then high in the pose with a crunchy one! Take a few breaths in each pose with ease. Repeat 3 times.

🌿Warm up with a shoulder stretch: clasp hands behind back to open chest and shoulders. Keep shoulders down and away from the ears. Take a deep breath and allow your lungs to expand fully. If you cannot reach your hands use a jumper or scarf and hold this between your hands instead.

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