Breathe in the Sky

Go outside and stand with your feet hip-width apart and flat to the earth, your body centred. Look up to the sky as you take a slow deep belly breath in. With your lungs full pause and take in the view. As you exhale slowly bring your gaze to the ground. Keep your hands on your hips or your belly for stability and repeat x3 times or more.

We often spend the day hunched over a desk or sitting down. This exercise is great for cleaning out stale air and opening your chest, it is grounding and helps clear the mind. 

Don’t go go go, take it slow!

πŸ’™ If you can’t get outside, do this practice inside and imagine the sky above you
πŸ’™ If you’re stiff or sore, or have to remain seated, you can do this excerise by just moving your eyesπŸ’™ Do what feels right for you

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